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★ Title
 " Happening Star " 2012
" This 48-minute movie was made singlehandedly over two years."
Trailer (English-Language Edition Subtitles)


・Written and Directed by Chihiro Matsumoto.
     (Film Editing,Casting,Character Design,
      Direction,Animation,Sound effects editor...etc.)

・Musical composition : Makoto Shozu , Tatsuki Tsuboi.
・Press release staff : Sayuri Tokumoto , Kohiruimaki Yamato.

・Kid : Romi Park.(Fullmetal Alchemist - Edward Elric)
・Miru : Aki Toyosaki.(K-ON! - Yui)
・Pit : Ichiro Nagai.(Sazae-san - namihei,Mobile Suit Gundam - narration)
・Kuly : Haruko Momoi.
・Mogu : Takamichi Murashima.
・Lutz : Keiko Zaitsu.
・Pomo : Emi Morooka.
・Narration : Eiko Nanaumi.
・Preview Narration : Gen Inaba.


Kid, by his own account “the best pilot in the universe,” travels around space as he pleases. His spaceship has had a special upgrade: using a “power crystal,” a material unknown to the people of Earth, it can now go into warp drive.
During Kid’s test flight, the warp drive fails mysteriously and he has to make an emergency landing on an unknown planet. He meets seal-like aliens and an ancient scientist, discovering the dangerous project in the works on this planet… .



This is a 3D computer graphics anime film made singlehandedly by Matsumoto, formerly employed in background design and CG parts: it took seven years in conception and two in production to create the movie Matsumoto had always dreamed of.
Thanks to the high quality of the planning process, story, character design, CG, and direction, all handled by Matsumoto, voice actors who normally do not take part in independent productions are participating.
In recent years computer quality has risen sharply, meaning that anyone who has the will to do so can now create a high-level movie.
This film will stimulate those who had given up on their dream of directing a movie.

The story and world-building have been painstakingly thought through,
and the appeal of this movie is not limited to those in the business or anime and movie fans.
Parents can bring their children safely, with the added bonus of a chance to learn about space and the universe.

This film has also been reported on Yahoo! News, among other outlets.


Thanks to the sharp increase in capacity of space telescopes and the development of new technologies, the news lately is full of newly discovered information about previously unknown areas of the universe.
The human race has always been fascinated by space.
In order to depict space from a realistic viewpoint, the story avoids the use of human characters and focuses on aliens.
This is entertainment for everyone from age eight to eighty.



Received a master’s degree in 2000 in Takushoku University’s Electronics and Information Science course. Studied 3D computer graphics independently in order to make CGI/live-action hybrid movies.
When employed by a CG company, handled “Ultraman Cosmos 2” for theaters among other jobs, but left after six months to work on original movies. Studied CG while working as a programmer, leaving the latter job when mother passed away, and spent two years producing a movie singlehandedly.

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